Joshua Tree

After Yosemite, Ryan (Pasquill), Ryan (spidie) Mcconnell, Katy (Whittaker), Andy Reeve and myself went to J Tree for a short visit. J tree is undoubtedly a beautiful place, with a crazy desert landscape and strange trees. But if anyone tells you that its a world class climbing destination and/or that it doesn’t rain there, then they’ll be telling porkies. The crags are mostly pretty scrittley, not very high and spread out. The weather reminded us of home… Then again – it’s always hard not to be disappointed in a place following a month in Yosemite. A big highlight was doing Equinox, a classic 12d finger crack. The shots are an attempt to pay homage to Mr Moffatt!

Andy on Equinox - YES!

Ryan flashing Equinox... not without a few grrrrrs

Me - Sszzzzzzaaaaaa!

beautiful mornings

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