An end to 2011

After Bishop, I went to Mexico for 5 days, for the North Face global athlete meet. This basically involves all the TNF sponsored athletes (climbers, skiers, snowboarders, runners) getting together for some fun in the sun. There are talks about The North Face, eating, drinking and surfing. We also got to go snorkeling, which turned out to be rather exciting when a party of dolphins and two humpback whales turned up. It was really nice to spend some time with a group of such talented and friendly people… and it was also a nice change from camping in the snow!

I’m at home for Christmas, then I’m off to Europe to try and get sport climbing fit again (after all the cracks and bouldering).

2011 has been a jammed packed year. It began with writing my dissertation, (the content of which has since left my mind), a spring full of exams, then after graduating – Newfoundland kick started my life as a full time climber, which ironically gave me more of an insight into the life of a full-time traveler, since we didn’t do much climbing.  In the 6 months since then I’ve been sport climbing, trad climbing and bouldering in Europe and North America. Highlights were definitely climbing Once Upon a Time in the Southwest, El Cap and for some reason Ceuse was a really special as well (perhaps because this was my first proper trip after graduating). I’ve spent a lot of time with a lot of good friends,climbing on good rock… all in all I can’t really complain!

This year, however, was also the year a good friend Woody died in a climbing accident in Pembroke. I didn’t have a blog then, and I probably wouldn’t have mentioned it anyway. But for some reason it seems like I would like to now. I’m obviously sad that a friend died, and perhaps even more sad for those that were closer to him than I was. But my memories of Woody help me to realise how special life is. He lived his years on this planet with full force, no holding back, always with a smile and a mischievous grin. I look forward to 2012, with this in mind!

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