First stop: Chamonix

I spent three weeks at home, training, seeing friends and family and most importantly, buying a very desirable Citroen Saxo Desire to accompany me on my travels. This being my first car, and having driven very little since passing my test last June, I woke up each day some what apprehensive about getting in her and driving around Bristol. When my friends heard I was driving to France on my own, on the wrong side of the road/car, after only a week’s driving, they were a little concerned. My friend Nina even offered to buy me extra driving lessons after witnessing a certain parking episode. I must admit I was a little nervous myself, but I wanted to go to Spain and I wanted to have a vehicle out there.

First stop was Chamonix and in the end, doing that drive was far easier than any driving I had done around Bristol, just a little bit further. I ended up spending almost two weeks in Chamonix, which was a little longer than I expected, but it was a lot of fun. I upped my time on the slopes from 3 days to 7. The improvement curve wasn’t as remarkable this visit, but I did spend more time challenging myself off piste. A very memorable day was spent skiing into the Argentiere ice falls to do a little ice route with friends Jack and Christian. We also skied the Vallee Blanche – which felt hard for me, but completely worth it. And towards the end of my stay, temperatures grew and I actually got two days of rock climbing in. All in all a  good start to my European adventures.

Me trying to shred, with a pack and a rainbow suit (Jack Geldard photo)

Shredding or sinking?(Jack Geldard photo)

Bea, far from her Spanish home town


Extreme Alpine!

Or not? There was talk of an extreme alpine mission, i.e. skiing in to a big winter route. But I found that skiing was way more fun, and not quite so cold. And that really, I am a rock climber, not a crampon kicking axe slinger. Maybe next time.


One response to “First stop: Chamonix

  1. I love road trips and the feeling of freedom it gives you 🙂
    You made the right choice taking the car 😉

    Are you able to sleep in it or are you keeping it as Citron intended, with seats in the back?

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