Since it started to rain a lot in France the decision was made to drive home. It was a very long drive, but nicely broken up by a day in font and an exciting moment in the ferry port, where I made an ‘accidental’ but successful attempt to breach port security.

Excited as I was to be at home the weather forecast was not very inspiring, so we spent only a few days in Bristol before booking flights to Morocco!

In those few days, apart from battling with Mr Taxman at HMRC, I had a day of UK tradding, which was strangely my first since doing ‘Once Upon a time in the Southwest’ in June and Alex’s first time using the infamous ‘double rope technique’.


Alex H-Bomb Honnold on Coronary Country E6

The fins in all their glory, taken from this article about Sharpnose http://www.planetfear.com/articles/18_Lower_Sharpnose_Point_686.html

I’ve heard so much about Sharpnose and the pictures have always looked so pretty. It is a really cool crag, but unlike a lot of crags in the UK – where the opposite is true – the rock at Sharpnose is worse than it looks. It’s actually a little unnerving, and has a remarkably sandy feel to it. We did Wraith E5 and Coronary Country E6

Whilst I was on the phone to Mr HMRC Alex climbed with Dave at Cheddar in the rain, a crag that he deemed to be ‘the most disgusting cliff he’d ever seen’ and Swanage which he quite liked. Off to Morocco then…

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