Back to the Lakes

I really enjoyed the last day with the Odyssey up at Pavey so I thought I’d come back and climb with local lakelander Pete Graham. We had some good days ticking off classics E3-6s. Most of the routes up at Pavey are really good, especially Fallen Angel and Mother Courage. I definitely found lakes grades to be harder than other areas in the UK. RnS Special E5 6a on Raven Crag, Langdale felt like E6 seeing as the meat of the route is protected by one rotten peg.

I also liked Hell’s Wall E6 at Hell’s Wall. It’s basically a sport route (at about 7c+) because it’s so pegged but the climbing is really nice and pumpy. I sort of felt like all the pegs detracted from the route a little bit. It didn’t feel like a trad route at all, so unless someone takes the pegs out and does it without them, it seems like it could just be bolted and you would have the same experience. But… alas! This is the UK!


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