An end to the summer

After the Doors the rest of my European trip was spent in the mountains for a few days with my new friend Victor Estringen, who is a very strong French man. We tried Le Tresor De Romain on the Grand Capucin, put up by Nicolas Potard. I met Nico on Golden Gate, they were trying El Corazon and putting in a great fight on the final 13b pitch. Since then I keep seeing his name around, him and his wife Martina certainly explore a lot and have a pretty impressive tick list between them. Nico named the 8a+ pitch after his new son ‘Tommy’ and is definitely a tricky one. Victor sent it, but I found it too hard to do in a day, 8a+ at 4000 meters is no joke.


Vicor on the really cool 7b pitch

Then me and Maddy then went back to Cadarese to do some filming on the Doors for a short BD profile film. It was a fun few days shooting with Ian Burton. Alongside getting back on the Doors, which felt a lot easier in cooler temperatures, we managed to get on some other cool stuff done. Maddy lead a nice offwidth and I tried to onsight Mustang, a cool route given 7c+ or 8a, I fell off first try but managed to drag myself up it groundup. A really fun one, maybe only 7c.

Then the summer was over! Europe is such an amazing place to be as a climber, there seems to be so much good stuff to do, whether it’s sport, trad, or in the mountains. A lot of people think North America is the place to be if you’re a trad climber, and yeah, the granite and sandstone over there will keep bringing me back, but there is endless stuff in Europe as well.

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