The Movie Business!


A screen shot from Reel Rock 8’s piece about me climbing Once Upon a Time in the South West

I left the UK mid September and I’ve been bezzing it around the world since then.

First stop was Boulder CO, not for white water rafting down their flooded roads, but for the reel rock 8 premier. I’ve spent much of 2013 filming with Sender Films and Big Up, to create a piece about me for reel rock 8. Sat in the crowd with hundreds of other people having never seen the final edit I was a little nervous. If you are a person easily embarrassed by watching yourself on screen this was in some ways a sort of living hell. In other ways, it was really cool to see the beautiful finished product of a big project for myself and the team. The other films were also really good, I especially liked the Daniel and Yugi Karate kid combo. Anyway Sender and Big Up are right at the top of adventure film today and the Reel Rock grows every year and so far this year hasn’t been an exception.

If you haven’t seen it yet here is the link to find a showing near you.

Recently I’ve picked up the camera myself, and started making a few short films with the help of Matt Pycroft. The intro to the series is here:

Now I’m in South Africa. Filming with Alex Honnold for a film about the cool trad climbing over here. Of course Alex easily occupies the majority of the limelight, but so far it’s been a great introduction to the amazing climbing and people over here. Hopefully there will be films, writing and photos to follow!

2 responses to “The Movie Business!

  1. Hazel, I got the chance to see you in Boulder and I’m in awe. Your call to women to be bold and brave especially resonated with me and I hope to impart that attitude to my daughters, no matter what they choose to pursue, climbing or otherwise. Thanks again! & have fun.

  2. I took my girlfriend to watch the movie. She was not fortunate to grow up playing in the outdoors and i have been gradually introducing her to the joy of the mountains. This time last year, she did not like to stand on top of one of our local hills, which is a cluster of rocks. Last weekend, she not only stood on top of the rocks, but initiated a 30 minute scrambling session. She mentioned your name on the way up. We watched the movie about 3 weeks ago, so you made a strong impression on a woman in her early 30’s and boosted her confidence dramatically.

    Just a simple Thank You and Enjoy your next adventure, whatever it may be.

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