Easy climbing in the UK and a Yosemite video

The Lovely Troutdale Pinnacle. Soloing is a good option for the injured climber

The Lovely Troutdale Pinnacle

Since climbing the hardest thing I’ve climbed – an 8c called Fish Eye in Oliana, Spain… it’s all been down hill from there. Life is still pretty good, but an annoying shoulder injury (whingury) halted play in Yosemite and now also back home. It’s not that acute of an injury but it just won’t go away, and any amount of climbing makes it feel pretty sore. But… I’m seeing some pretty good people; Tim Button at Cleve Chiropractic in Bristol and Nina Leonfellner a friend and great Bristol-based physio. So fingers crossed it will only be a few more weeks of whinging. Even with the shoulder life has been pretty fun, seeing friends, going soloing and doing easy climbs in the Lakes and North Wales.


Peter loves Newky Brun!

I don’t like moaning (too much) so instead of talking about how I didn’t free El Cap this year, I’ve edited some footage from 2012 and 2013 trips to Yosemite. Being injured has meant that I’ve had time to play around with other interests, one of them being documentation of climbing. I don’t think I’ll ever be that good at photography or film making, but since I go to all these cool places it would be a shame not to at least try. Have a look, and please bare in mind that this is only my third attempt at editing, and due to blonde hair and a slow disposition the nuances of iMovie are not coming quickly.

The UK is about as green as it gets. I miss that when I'm away.

The UK is about as green as it gets. I miss that when I’m away. Claire and Helena walking down from a route on Cloggy

Fun easy solos

I’ve also set up a youtube ‘channel’ in the hope that I might spew out further edits.


One response to “Easy climbing in the UK and a Yosemite video

  1. Not bad Hazel 🙂
    What equipment are you using for filming and editing?
    Best of luck with the shoulder, I’m recovering myself from a complete dislocated ankle back in March!
    Poul Brix

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