Hazel Findlay, 25 years old, climber

For me climbing is a sport, a passion, a past time, a lifestyle, and an excuse to explore places, people and myself.

So yes… this is just another climbing blog!

Note: Having done a degree in Philosophy, there might be some philosophising amongst the climbing chit chat, but I’ll try not to forget that all I do is scramble around on rocks.

Instagram: hazel_findlay

Twitter: hazel_findlay

Facebook page: facebook.com/hazelfindlayathlete

*Title picture is a Tim Kemple photo of me climbing in Maine, USA

21 responses to “About

  1. Hi hazel! My name is flo and i am editor for the austrian climbing magazine CLIMAX. I heard you freed golden gate – that ‘ s rad! Congrats!
    Reason i am writing is i wanna do a feature on girls who freed el cap laying focus on the latest ascents such as yours.
    Hope you find the idea appealing. To get an idea how CLIMAX looks like, please check our site: climax-magazine.com and contact me (see adress above). Thanks and habe a nice day, flo

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  3. Findlay!
    Its been ages, I have just started climbing again, It would be great to catch up, drop me an email.
    Hope you are well

  4. Hi Heather,

    I work for Pioneer Productions in London. I would love to talk to you about a programme we are developing for BBC4. It would be great if you could get in touch via email to talk in more detail. Many thanks!

  5. Hi Hazel,

    I saw Spice Girl at Kendal – amazing. You’re remarkable. I’m just doing a write up for our website (womenclimb) and wonder if you have a picture or two for me to put in the post about Spice Girl and also if you have a link where people can buy/download the film. It was really inspiring and I know so many people who would love to watch it.

    For International Women’s Day (Saturday 8th March) I’m planning an event. I’m wondering if you would allow us to screen the film and come and do an inspirational talk for the event. We would be really honoured to meet you. You’ll have my email, so if you could get in touch when you have a moment that would be great.

    Have a great weekend.


  6. Hi Hazel
    My daughter and I went to Reel Rock, Plymouth and we both thought your film was amazing. I have been trying to get hold of the poster at the top of this page as a Christmas present for my daughter. Have tried North Face and Reel Rock without success but they suggested I try you direct. Sorry to bother you. Hope you can help. Paul

    • Hi Paul, Really sorry about this but I’m in Argentina at the mo and don’t have any posters on me. Sorry to be no help at all. I could try to ask someone at the North Face to help out, but it wouldn’t be signed. Email your address to findlayhazel@gmail.com and I’ll see what I can do. Sorry! Hazel

    • ummmm have fun, that’s the main thing, if it’s not fun then there is no point. But sometimes you have to push yourself into situations you think might not be that fun to get the most out of climbing, and in the end have the most fun. So next time you’re deliberating – just go for it!

  7. Hi Hazel
    Just wondering if your around in the UK in March and would interested in speaking to a group of students about your experiences?
    Every year we invite an inspirational climber/mountaineer to talk about their adventures and experiences and think everyone would love to hear about yours!
    Thanks Steph

  8. Hiya Hazel, Just listened to you on the Enormocast. Really Good Stuff! I’ll be upset if you don’t get hold of me next time you’re near Boulder! (That is if you don’t mind climbing with an old has been!;)
    Cheers, Eric

  9. I have the cutest video of my 3yr old daughter pretending to be you while I belay her as she climbs up the stairs. She says “I’m Hazel Findlay”

  10. Hi Hazel,
    I heard your Enormocast episode and saw your impressive E9 accent, congrats! I host a podcast of my own called MTNmeister. We would be thrilled to have you on as a guest to get to know you and talk about a few stories you have had in the mountains! Please let me know if this would interest you and I can shoot you some more details.

  11. Hey Hazel, I watched your vid ‘tent bound in devils bay’ a while back and thought the wall you climbed was the most amazing looking piece of rock just rolling out of the water. After recently finding an old poster of James Pearson climbing there I haven’t been able to get the mountain out my head. Me and a friend I work with from the lake district have decided we’d like to try and take a grant fueled exped there next year to do some routes and hopefully put up one of our own. I was hoping there was a chance to get any information on the wall and as I haven’t been able to find much online and don’t really know where to look. If you have the time to send a message back any details you could tell me would be priceless! Cheers for your time, Adam.

  12. Hi Hazel, this is Amanda from China. I work for a company named Runsifang which work with Kendal film festival together for the KMF China Tour. We select the film SPICY GIRL and we are very glad to invite you to China at the end of Oct. If you see the message, please contact with me for details. 🙂 My email hezizi@live.cn

  13. Hi Hazel,

    My name is Catriona Mallows and I’m a study at the University of Edinburgh. I’m really inspired by your climbing and my interest in the sport has prompted me to write by dissertation for my degree (social anthropology) on the subculture of climbing. I’m hoping to do some research into why climbing has such a culture, and I am just wondering if you had any time at all to speak to me about this – via a few email questions or anything at all really!

    Thanks for your time,


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